Wednesday, October 10, 2007


aw man,
i've got people coming up to me
from all over
saying' they've got
oil coming out their pores,
dripping from behind their ears,
oil in their food!,
oil between their toes,
oil stuck under their fingernails!
a tiny bit in their cars,
a little to smooth out their eyebrows
and style their hair,
oil in their crack pipes!
oil in their beers!
oil stuck between their teeth!
they've got huge oil boogers too!
oil on their cocks!
oil in their pussies!
and rubbed all over assholes
because america's politicians and their best friends and fiends have been FUCKING them!
smearing oil everywhere and anywhere
fucking them whereever
forever? (EVA'? EVA'!?)
24 hours a day!
7 days a week!
300 and 60 muther 5 FUCKING days out of the year!
nice and hard
but smooth!
(that's where the oil comes in.)
and all the people have ever been sayin' is (besides, "ahh", "shit", "ow"..."wait"..."no!")
shouldn't i at least be gettin paid for all this fucking?
maybe a billion for me, a billion for you? no?
why not!?
i'm sorry i didn't work (steal, cheat, kill, lie) for it
but i'm dying for it!, for you!, for your glory!
and american's politicans replyin'
no...not a billion for much will it take to get
you to shut the fuck up?
just enought to get by? sure! ooo, i'm a little short. SORRY.
here's enough to eat and here...
here's a lifetime supply of shitty entertainment!
mediocre education!
myths and fallacies with a subtle hint of blood, sweat and tears!
fashion! and nostalgia...think of the good ol' days!
all you have to worry about is catching on fire!
wouldn't want that!
we wouldn't want america to catch afire.
we'd rather get america fucked instead.